MapleStory [GMS v.138.1] MSB Trainer Bot Hack



This update includes:

– Unlimited MP
– Generic No Delay
– Background removal
– Automated skill




The whole trainer is bypassless.

– Kami
– Godmode
– Fusion Attack
– Item Filter
– Macros
– Packet Injection


1. Run MSB.exe as Administrator.

1. If you get an open file dialog, simply navigate to your Nexon folder and open MapleStory.exe.

2. Enjoy hacking MapleStory.

3. The following thread is for additional help and instructions:


1. You must run this program as Administrator and turn off User Account Control (UAC).

2. You must have Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. It works for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


1. Automated attack = ANY KEY

2. Automated loot = ANY KEY

3. Automated health = ANY KEY.

4. Automated mana = ANY KEY.

Packet Injection

Drag down the bottom half of the trainer to reveal the packet injection section.

Insert an unformatted send (outbound) or receive (inbound) packet and click the button.

To change from send to receive or vice versa, right click the button and click the desired direction.

Item Filter

To add items to your item filter, please navigate to the “Sift” tab.

Insert an item ID (not hexadecimal) and click the “Add” button.

Add as many items as you desire and then check “Item filter”.

To remove items from your filter, please first turn off item filter.

Navigate to your “Sift” tab.

Click with your mouse on the items in the list.

Then right click the list view and click “Remove”.

To clear the item filter, right click your list and click “Clear”.


To download MSB, navigate to my download subdomain.

There will be a 10 second delay before the download link appears in anticipation for high amounts of traffic.

Simply click the MSB logo and enjoy.

Virus Scan & Download Links Coming SOon

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